Sound diffusion system

High-fidelity sound diffusion ensures high-fidelity audio rendering.

In the private sector, in the context of a home theatre or in the context of a global sound diffusion. An installation studied by a professional allows to obtain results of very good level. This allows the whole family to listen to quality sound.

In the “Corporate”, a quality sound system allows the organization of qualitative meetings. Indeed nothing more unpleasant and tiring than following a meeting with a sound system that does not work properly. A perfect intelligibility makes it possible to follow meetings in an ideal and performing environment, for this a professional study is necessary for the placement of loudspeakers, micro antennas, etc.

PA-type sound diffusion is certainly the most publicly heard sound and is nevertheless poorly understood. A PA installation consists of installing sound systems in public places such as shops, shopping malls, administration, etc. This allows the distribution of ambient music, making “microphone calls”, and sometimes even managing the evacuation (according to very strict standards). It is therefore important that the installation of this type of product takes place regarding the different problems of the premises (ceiling height, construction materials, sound management according to ambient noise, etc.)