Seetech specializes in this type of heating to meet a growing demand from its customers. And to offer a qualitative, eco-responsible and economic product, it has logically turned to a leading partner in this sector with whom he works hand in hand.

Serge Etienne therefore proposes an innovative and economical range of electric heating which uses the principle of radiation and ventilation.

Once again, the decision to place this type of product must be made following a study or at least when a member of the Seetech team passes in order to realise the implantation plan but also to choose the appropriate and performing product with the best performance.

Product information:

Extra-flat (9 cm) and with a modern design, the radiators are available in 11 power levels and are characterized by:

  • A heating body (heat diffusion surface) made of cast aluminium (ISO9002)

  • A pure soapstone heart for the accumulation and slow restoration of calories

  • A high-temperature electrical resistor embedded in soapstone

  • An electronic control sensitive to 1/10 °C

Seetech can present all its range on simple demand and will give you a quote in good form according to your request.