New electrical installation

A new electrical installation or home automation requires an important expertise and confirmed experience in order to think beforehand to all your needs.

Seetech has around 100 electrical and automotive sites throughout Belgium, France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

  • Standard electrical installation

  • Electrical box or panel

  • Home automation system

  • Doorphone, videophone, video surveillance

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting

Seetech coordinates all the electrical works and arranges work according to your requirements.

To do this, Seetech offers different types of quotes:

*Amount deducted from the offer after acceptance of the dossier.

Request for quotation or study

Seetech has been working for several years with the specialist Bticino to offer a range of switches that are both efficient and design, and can be easily integrated.

To do this, Seetech offers a large variety of the LIVINLIGHT and LIVINGLIGHT AIR ranges.

Bticino allows to modulate several types of components between them! But it is also possible to choose its finish and the colour that suits you!

LivingLight is available in two sizes of complementary switches, each marked by a wide range of aesthetic choices: clean and pure lines, minimalist geometry, avant-garde colours and finishing effects that play with the light.

Livinglight Air, a subtle attention. This extra range is characterized by an ultra-fine plate that will gently fit the wall of your room.

LivingLight plays the multiplicity of choices and offers you a wide range of combinations to meet all your wishes: create your own style according to your own personality.

Pictures of switches and colours:

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