Both the renovation and the construction of an extension are important works for which experience and follow-up are essential.

The choice of the various trades must be carried out carefully and taking into account important factors.

Seetech guarantees you an optimal solution which takes into account your budget, your priorities and your wishes according to the possibilities. Thanks to Seetech and its expert teams, you are guaranteed to ensure quality work on time and without extra cost.

Together, you will make the point before, during and after the important works and this on the basis of a complete study based on the plans of the architects, which will allow you:

  • To have an overview of the future project
  • To choose how to arrange room by room based on plans and 3D view
  • To choose the type of lighting, home automation, …

Seetech already has a beautiful range of designs for different types of shops:


Complete renovation which takes account of security, with a sober and modern touch required by this sector.

Want to be

An important balance between wellness, relaxation and positivity! The lighting effects are essential.


Large renovation works done to remake all the electricity and give a modern and connected cachet! The choice of colours enhances the lighting effects.