By integrating an alarm into your home automation system, you will benefit from a system which is integrated to the switches. Similarly, the alarm panel will be embedded in the wall. The installation of your alarm will not be done by sacrificing the aesthetic appearance of your exterior. In addition, the solutions offered by Bticino are wired into a BUS system, allowing for serial cabling, while a conventional installation will require more expensive star wiring.

There are different models of detectors that can be embedded or fixed to the walls. Infrared detectors are presence detectors which can be supplemented by motion detectors.

Alarm control keypads can be integrated into the switch boxes to favour the aesthetic appearance of your interior. The keypads can be equipped with a telephone switch so that the alarm automatically triggers a phone call. The keypad can be powered by an internal battery so that the alarm is not deactivated by a power failure

The sirens can be inside and outside. They can be integrated into the walls

LHoliday mode allows you to secure your home in one move. By programming your interior, just press a switch to make your home safe and ready for your extended departure. Switch programming can for example turn off the heating, close the shutters, program the lights to simulate a presence and activate the alarm so that your home is protected during your absence.


Your installation can be protected by a video surveillance system that can be controlled from your keypad or Smartphone.