Thermoregulation (heating)

Managing your heating system within your home automation system has many advantages. The thermostat can be integrated into a switch. Your heating can be managed via My Home.

  • Multizone: profiles of different temperatures in each zone

  • Centralized programming

  • Measurement and regulation of temperature by local sensors

  • Installation on the automation bus

  • Planned for remote control

  • Separate access level for installer and user

  • Reusing configuration for other installations

  • Wiring via the automation bus

Gestion via MyHome

Gestion via MyHome

Systèmes possibles

Gestions possibles

You can set up a customized programming of each heating zone and you can remotely control the heating of your house but also each room separately. You can ensure remotely that you do not leave the bathroom temperature too high during the day or that the kids room is at good temperature before they go to bed. Thanks to the MyHome program, you will have the total control of your home.

Serveur Web F464

Web server for the remote control of the installation through web pages or through the MyHome Portal

To ensure that you do not consume unnecessarily, you can schedule your installation to limit unnecessary energy consumption. For example, by integrating a sensor into the windows, the heater will switch off in the room if the window is open.

In order to see the savings you can make, you can install heat sensors that allow you to measure the consumption of your installation and which will allow you to see the realized savings according to the use of your installation.

There are several types of management systems for a thermoregulation installation that can be programmed to manage several rooms or all the house.

MyHOME Screen 10 with 10 “16: 9 LCD screen and new graphical interface:

  • MyHOME function management
  • Integrated Videophone
  • Navigation by rooms
  • Multimedia content management via USB, SD card, LAN or IP
  • Managing personalised Profiles
  • Customization of background images

Wall installation in a 506E recessed box.

Serveur Web F464

Web server for remote control of the installation through web pages or through the MyHome Portal.

In order not to unnecessarily heat your home, holiday mode will allow a complete standby of your heating system while preventing a freezing of the system. In addition to heating, the holiday mode will take care of the closing of your shutters but also of a scenario of your lights to simulate a presence in the house and not to notice your prolonged absence. The holiday mode can be activated by simply pressing a switch.