Serge Etienne, the dynamic entrepreneur who loves his job.

The credo of Serge Etienne, the founder, is to constantly take his clients to discover new products!

Ranging from electricity, to home automation, lighting, projection of images and sound, a “trendy” trend, and in a way, he becomes “the interior architect” of his customers.

Because Serge Etienne does not forget any of the details that make the difference! Nothing is left to chance, everything is calculated and precise.

“A thirst for creativity and a sense of innovation keep Seetech at the forefront of new technologies,” stresses Serge Etienne.


The career of Serge Etienne in a few dates

  • From 12 to 18 years old: Passion for the job and field learning in order to acquire an experience as electrician and repairman of electrical appliances
  • Between 18 and 21 years old: Bachelor in Electronics and Visual Audio
  • At 21 years old: 18 months of work in an audio-visual troubleshooting firm on the Hauts Sarts (Herstal)
  • At 22 years old: 12 months as electronics technician and electronic radio control board troubleshooter for industrial machinery
  • At the age of 24: Creation of the ISO-ELEC company in Champlon. Family company Father and son.
  • At age 28: Creation of SeeTech

Since then, Serge Etienne has launched Seetech with the idea of ​​making a company at the forefront!